Daily Specials

Piadina Del Giorno - Flat bread of the day$15
House smoked duck breast- seasoned with lavender and McGrath ‘Fresco’ cheese, finished with watercress
Zuppa Del Giorno$7
Chickpea Saffron Soup
Insalata Del Giorno$14
Baby kale and opal basil tossed in red wine- scallion vinaigrette with dried cranberries, watermelon radish and goat cheese
Bufala mozzarella over blood orange, cherry tomatoes and strawberries, finished with lambrusco balsamic
Risotto with wiltbank farm’s shitake and oyster mushrooms, porcini, fava beans, crescenza cheese
Grilled swordfish, artichokes, hearts of palm and yellow peppadew
Grilled veal chop Caprese with fresh tomatoes and Cacio Cavallo cheese
Grilled beef ribeye, baby watercress, truffled pecorino
Verdure Del Giorno$7
Cauliflower and roasted sweet potatoes
Peace pie with vanilla gelato 12 Available from SoCo Creamery Gelato: Vanilla bean – Blueberry honey lavender - #6 Depot (named after coffee house in Great Barrington) Sorbet: Blood orange or Blackberry- cabernet