Daily Specials

Piadina Del Giorno - Flat bread of the day$15
House made sweet Italian style sausage, mozzarella and Ca’Mea tomato sauce
Zuppa Del Giorno$8
Puree of broccoli rabe and carrot
Insalata Del Giorno$14
Radicchio tossed in lemon olive oil, with grapefruit, fresh fennel, pomegranate, and McGrath Fresco cheese
Clams steamed in lemon butter, garlic and Prosciutto
Penne Carbonara sauce, with peas, smoked pancetta, egg and touch of cream
Pan seared mahi mahi and Spanish chorizo, finished with roasted red pepper aioli
Grilled and sliced beef top round, with Gorgonzola cheese and Lambrusco glaze
Verdure Del Giorno$7
Spinach and roasted potatoes
House made hazelnut and vanilla chocolate mousse 12 Gelato: Vanilla bean or salted caramel 9 Sorbet: Blood Orange 9