Daily Specials

Piadina Del Giorno - Flat bread of the day$15
Dandelion greens, scallions, buquerones and mcgrath ‘fresco’
Zuppa Del Giorno$8
Artichokes puree, served hot Red bell peppers and cucumber puree, served cold
Insalata Del Giorno$15
Red and white endive in an orange vinaigrette with carrots, raisons, spiced candied cashews and mcgrath ‘fresco’
Panzanella salad made of toasted bread, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, basil, red onion, mcgrath ‘rascal’ and balsamic
Garganelle in a chicken- sage ragu with white wine and chanterelles, featuring northwind farm’s chicken and tivoli company mushrooms
Grilled swordfish over a salad of cucumber, lomo, jalapeno, dill, mint and lemon
Veal chop, marsala wine and mushrooms from wiltbank farm’s
Verdure Del Giorno$7
roasted sweet potatoes and string beans
Pecan pie with vanilla gelato 10 Gelato: Vanilla bean or Cinnamon 8 Sorbetto: Fruit of the forest 8